HW Management


                                             Howard Weingarden

            Career Summary:

Mr. Weingarden has provided management and information systems consulting services since 1983, focusing on the development of techniques to refine business operations and the pragmatic application of supporting technology. He is particularly effective at facilitating communication between senior management and technology implementers.


Mr. Weingarden has participated in a wide range of projects in the fields of: strategic business, information and technology planning; business analysis; project management; change and risk management; business process re-engineering; business transformation; financial systems implementation; human resource information system implementation; imaging systems; application design and delivery; information engineering; data modelling; repository and data dictionaries; hardware installations; and networking.



Howard Weingarden

Managing Principal, HW Management

89 Vesta St.

Ottawa, ON   CANADA

K2J 3Z2

Phone: +1(613) 797-0441

e-mail: howard@hwmgt.com

Security Clearance:

Level III - Top Secret

 Organization of this Document

·         Career Summary, Contact Information and Security Clearance  (this page)

·         Skills Summary

·         Education and Training

·         Technical Skills Inventory

·         Work History





Management and Information Technology Consulting

·          Provide consulting services

·          Prepare reports and plans

·          Business, financial and systems analysis

·          Brainstorming / JAD sessions

·          Application and system development projects as a project manager, team leader or team member

·          Third-party applications specifications, procurement, configuration and training


Strategic Business and Technology Planning

·          Examine a business's mission and senior management's vision to confirm that the mission is clear

·          Assess current market conditions, compare to the past and identify any changes that have occurred over time

·          Model and evaluate information requirements and business processes

·          Risk assessment – a statistical analysis of risk factors

·          Risk management plan – a plan to minimize areas of risk based on statistical or other analysis

·          Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plan(s)

·          Develop a foundation for re-engineering business, production, and information systems

·          Prepare Action, Migration, Project Plans

·          Manage change using communications, consultation and education

·          Periodically maintain and update the Strategic Plan(s)


Project management, technical and business support

·          Prepare Migration and Project Plans

·          Manage change using communication, consultation and training

·          Assist in optimizing the investment in current (and future) technology

·          Supervise the management and use of technology

·          Coordinate application, computer system and network development and systems maintenance

·          Coordinate training programs for new technologies and production methods


Business development

·          In conjunction with the sales and marketing teams, develop new markets, products and services

·          Provide sales support, develop solutions, respond to Requests For Proposals (RFP)

·          Add or improve current product offerings


Performance management

·          OLAP reporting using Business Intelligence software

·          Analyze all aspects of production to determine where quality and productivity gains may be realized

·          Implement productivity enhancements

·          Optimize service levels and work flow

·          Integrate process controls and functions to eliminate redundant processes


Business Analysis

·          Understanding of Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK v2)

·          Experience using:

o  Unified Modeling Language (UML)

o  Business Use Case Diagrams

o  System Use Case Diagrams

o  Data Flow Diagrams

o  Decision Tables

o  State Machine Diagrams

o  Role Mapping

o  Workflow Models

o  etc.


Finance and Administration

·          Apply data modelling techniques to develop Charts of Accounts that truly meet complex business requirements

·          Prepare and analyze budgets, forecasts, etc. on a project and enterprise-wide basis

·          Broad understanding of generally accepted accounting principals and business finances


Computer Networks, Hardware and Databases

·          Windows Server NT/2000/2003/2008

·          Novell Netware 3.1x & 4.x, Vines, UNIX

·          File Servers, storage devices

·          Network wiring, Bridges, Switches, Routers, etc.

·          Database Management Systems configuration, optimization and management

·          WAN, X.25, X.400, X.500, NDS, SAA, IPX/SPX

·          PC to Mini and Mainframe communications





Ottawa, Ontario

Computer Science (upgrade)




Windsor, Ontario

General Science (Computer Science Minor)


Courses and Certifications

·          CBAP Certification (pending)

·          Business Analysis Using UML Standards (2009)

·          FreeBalance™ Certified Solution Provider (1998)
Mr. Weingarden was amongst the first FreeBalance™ Advanced Certified Solution Providers.  FreeBalance™ financial management system software is widely used by Canadian government departments and various Provincial, US Federal and State government departments. He has developed several tools and methodologies to improve its functionality.


·          Data Modelling Methodologies (1989)

·          Structured Analysis Techniques (1989)

·          INGRES for Application Developers (1991)

·          x.400 / x.500 Mail and Directory Systems (1995)





ISM-SIPM, Method/1, P-Plus, ATA IS/MAP, RUP (Rational Unified Process), Zachman Framework, UML Standards, BABOK


Advanced Application Development:


Delphi, Visual Basic, PowerHouse

ZIM, INGRES / SQL, PowerBuilder


Traditional Application Development:


Pascal, Fortran (Watfiv), Basic


Database Management Systems:

MS_Access, Paradox, dBase & other xBase products (Clipper, FoxPro)

Interbase, Watcom, Oracle, Ingres, MS SQL Server / Sybase


Database Reporting and Business Intelligence  Products:

Cognos PowerPlay (OLAP)
Cognos Impromptu
Seagate/Crystal Reports
Seagate/Crystal Enterprise
Hyperion, Brio Suite, SAS, SPSS


Financial Management Systems:


FreeBalance™ FMS, Epicor (formerly Platinum), Peach Tree, MYOB, Business Vision, Great Plains/Dynamics, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, BPI, AccPac, Bedford


Office Automation


Microsoft Office 2010, Corel WordPerfect Office 2002

Lotus, Excel, SuperCalc, QuattroPro, Paradox, Access, Clarion, dBase III, WordPerfect, Word, WordStar, Ventura Publisher, Microsoft Publisher, MS FrontPage


CASE Tools:


Answer:Architect (The Developer)



E/R Win






Microsoft Project,

Project Workbench, TimeLine, Viewpoint, Super Project Expert


Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

Quadrant HR,




June 1995 -

HW Management

Ottawa, Ontario

Managing Principal




Current -

Existing clients

ad hoc support

·         Mr. Weingarden provides ongoing support to many of the clients listed below.


Oct 2010 -Dec 2010

CHRI 99.1 Family Radio

Business and Information Systems Master Architecture and Plan

Today’s radio stations are heavily depended upon information technology. CHRI needed to reconcile their information technology portfolio and update their system documentation. Mr. Weingarden used the Business and Information Technology Master Architecture and Plan (BISMAP) methodology that he developed while at ISM and has progressively updated to include support for the Zachman Framework and other required facets.

Using BISMAP, he identified and resolved immediate issues, performed a physical technology inventory, documented all aspects of the business, initiated work on their Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plan and provided recommendations for changes to their technology architecture.


Aug 2010 -Jan 2011

Bruyère Continuing Care AMO

Physician Timesheet Collection and Reporting System

The Bruyère Continuing Care AMO needs to collect statistical information about their physicians’ activities to support their business requirements. Their current data collection system did not adequately meet their requirements. Data collection was complex and error-prone and because of the complexity, compliance was low.


Mr. Weingarden created a structured database to analyse and evaluate their requirements and he documented the processes used to record their data. The principal result of his analysis showed that the AMO was using too many activity codes in their data collection process.


To date in this project, they have:

·         Defined their requirements;

·         Refined their activity codes;

·         Selected a timesheet software application;

·         Developed the associated data structures (database);

·         Defined their secondary data structures (database); and

·         Reviewed their current reporting requirements.


Sep 2009 -Oct 2009


Ontario Ministry of Government Services

MGS Procurement Modernization Project

The Supply Chain Management Division initiated a procurement modernization project to help remove barriers to doing business with the Provincial Government.


They needed to submit recommendations to Management Board of Cabinet (MBC) to revise current, disparate terms & conditions in IT related contracts. The scope of this component of the project was to obtain and assimilate information to propose enhancements to Procurement Policy as well as the developing recommendations for new policies for software, hardware and services procurement.


Mr. Weingarden developed a methodology and toolset to interpret and analyse the feedback received from internal stakeholders (legal staff, policy staff, technical staff, etc.), and responses from Vendors and other Municipal, Provincial, National and International governments. He created a database to record and report the responses to the surveys, recommended changes to existing IT procurement policy around contractual terms and conditions and contract language and reconciled existing OPS policy with the proposed changes.


Mar 2009 -Apr 2009
Jun 2010


Baxtec Mechanical Services

Migrate to a new Corporate email and contact management system that is interoperable with BlackBerry cellular devices.


Baxtec needed to extend the capabilities of their email and contact list management software to synchronize with their office, sales and service force’s BlackBerry mobile data devices. They also needed to consolidate their contact lists and integrate the data and processes with their other back-office systems. Following analysis of the requirement, they concluded that because of cost and complexity, Exchange/Outlook/BlackBerry Enterprise Server was not a desirable solution for their small organization. Mr. Weingarden helped them to select, install, configure, test and train their staff with a suitable alternative from Chaos Software and to better coordinate their business processes in this regard.


In June 2010, Baxtec chose to migrate from their Chaos Software solution to a cloud-based Exchange/Outlook solution to maintain compatibility with some of their vertical applications and to reduce their data backup load. Mr. Weingarden facilitated the selection of their cloud vendor and their migration to Exchange/Outlook. He also updated their technology architecture plan.


Oct 2008 – Mar 2009


Commissionaires –  National Office

Commissionaires Enterprise Management System (CEMS)


The Commissionaires National Office initiated a study to determine the feasibility of implementing a national, shared Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This initial phase of the project developed conceptual business and technology models to define common aspects of the individual Divisions’ operations and estimate the scope and cost of a national system. The Phase 1 study results were presented to the National Business Management Committee for consideration.


Mr. Weingarden developed the technical architecture, cost estimates and recommended solution. He drafted data, process and work flow models of the current and target business environment and prepared a draft implementation plan.


Because of his experience with the HRMS project (see 1.7), he also provided information and advice about Commissionaires business operations to the project team and built on the analysis work that was produced for the Ottawa and Great Lakes projects.


Preliminary activities: Dec 2003 – May 2004
Full project initiation: Feb 2005 – May 2008


Commissionaires – Ottawa Branch

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Selection, Procurement and Implementation


The Commissionaires Ottawa Branch needed to replace their HR system because it did not meet their current needs and operated on dated hardware and software platforms. The new system requirement was expanded to include support for Scheduling and Payroll functions. In addition to the Ottawa Branch, the project was expanded to include implementation at the Great Lakes Branch.


Mr. Weingarden acted at a senior level in many roles including: Business Analyst; Project Manager; Information Technology Specialist; System Configuration Specialist; Trainer; etc.


In his Business Analyst role, he:

·         Analyzed and produced Business, Data and Process models of the current business

·         Recommended and incorporated changes to the models (Business process reengineering)

·         Provided support for ISO 9001 certification maintenance activities

·         Performed a cost-benefit analysis

·         Wrote a Requirements Definition document

·         Wrote a Functional Specification document that contained business, process and data models and other details that were used in the RFP document and in subsequent business documentation.

·         Wrote a business case to prove to Senior Management and the Boards of Directors that the project was worthwhile

·         Identified potential HR software application vendors

·         Wrote an RFP for acquisition of an HR software application

·         Develop the evaluation criteria for responses to the RFP

·         Evaluate the responses to the RFP

·         Advised stakeholders and recommended the preferred vendor

·         Facilitated contract negotiations with the Vendor

·         Developed interfaces to and from external systems


In his Project Management role, he:

·         Created a Project Plan

·         Maintained the Project Plan

·         Conducted status meetings and project reviews with stakeholders at many levels

·         Created and executed the Change Management Plan

·         Created and executed the Communications Plan


In his Information Technology Specialist role, using his BISMAP methodology, he:

·         Analyzed the Functional Specification document

·         Analyzed the technical requirements

·         Defined the Technical Architecture

·         Worked with IT staff to install the required hardware and systems software

·         Provided post-implementation support


In his System Configuration Specialist role, he:

·         Analyzed the Functional Specification document

·         Analyzed the technical requirements

·         Configured the HR software (Quadrant HR™)

·         Developed custom reports

·         Provided post-implementation support


In his other roles, he:

·         Developed a training plan

·         Developed a training program

·         Provided training

·         Provided a wide range of post-implementation support


Feb-Mar 2006


Government of Canada: National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

Modification of the Activity-Based Costing (ABC) application that is used in conjunction with their FreeBalance Financial Management System


Mr. Weingarden modified several functions within the ABC module to better meet the NRTEE’s requirement.


Jan-Apr 2004


Library and Archives Canada

Departmental Consolidation & FreeBalance fiscal year-end support


A contract employee at the FI-03 grade, Mr. Weingarden helped the Financial Systems Group at the National Archives and the National Library with the planning and activities that were required to prepare for the consolidation of the two departments into Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC);

·         In addition, he worked on the continued development, documentation and change management of year-end procedures for the accounting department;

·         Developed an intranet-based documentation repository and catalogue; and

·         Helped to structure their year-end worksheets to partially automate the process by using FreeBalance’s import/export functions.


Jun-Dec 2003


Communication Canada

Financial Process Reengineering

The Research Branch of Communication Canada was having trouble obtaining financial reports that they could use to help manage their operations. Subsequent investigation revealed that their methods of operation were not aligned with their methods and the nature of their operational data collection.


Mr. Weingarden managed the project to help the Branch to define their requirements and critical business functions and he initiated a plan to apply a better suited approach to the function and management of their operations. This was accomplished through analysis of their information requirements and creation of an operational framework to help collect the information that they required to effectively manage their operations.


Feb-Apr 2003


Health Canada

Adverse Drug Reaction Database and Reporting System

Develop a preliminary framework and prototype for an Adverse Drug Reaction Database and Reporting System to support several business units within Health Canada.

This component of the project was tightly constrained for both time and cost. It considered only the most critical business requirements and business process and identified areas that may to undergo change. The prototype was used to prove the framework’s concepts and to demonstrate the potential benefit of continued work.

The framework provided:

·         Draft data, business and process models;

·         Draft requirements definition;

·         Differential comparison of existing and required data; and

·         A preliminary report.


The prototype used Cognos PowerPlay™ to provide user-defined drill-down statistical data analysis functionality with a web-based presentation layer to demonstrate the framework and the approach.


Feb-Mar 2002


National Archives/National Library Canada

FreeBalance fiscal year-end support

Mr. Weingarden helped NANL to analyse and document year-end procedures for the accounting department and to identify areas where processes could be improved. He also helped them to structure their year-end database queries and worksheets to partially automate the process by using FreeBalance’s import/export functions.


Jul 2002 –
Sep 2002

HW Management Initiative

Enhanced FreeBalance Reporting using Business Intelligence Tools

Mr. Weingarden developed a methodology to extend the reporting capability of Business Intelligence tools like Cognos PowerPlay™ and Impromptu™ to FIS‑compliant FreeBalance financial databases.


Using the methodology, he created a demonstration of the use of the Cognos BI tools for presentation to Canadian government departments that use FreeBalance.


Jul 2002


Tax Court of Canada

FreeBalance / OAG-Stats extract support

Provided support for the unique requirements that this Department had to produce their data extract file for Statistics Canada.


Jul 2002 


Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs

FreeBalance / OAG-Stats extract support

Provided support for the unique requirements that this Department had to produce their data extract file for Statistics Canada.


Nov 2001 –
May 2002

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Fisheries Information Management Plan (FIMP)

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans had a large and disparate suite of applications and data.  In order to properly fulfill their mandate, they needed to ensure that all aspects of their operation employed efficient processes and provided a consistent view of their data. This complex project required a series of meetings with national and regional stakeholders to ensure that everyone understood the scope of the project, the challenges that they faced and the approach that was planned.


Mr. Weingarden:

·         Facilitated a series of workshops to initiate a large-scale data and process management (repository) project.

·         Assisted with the application of the Zachman framework to the project

·         Identified business processes and data definitions that required change in order to be fully aligned with enterprise goals

·         Conducted follow-up planning sessions


Feb 2001 – Jun 2001

FreeBalance Cluster Group

Statistics Canada Data Extract Application Development

Develop the functional specifications and create a prototype, then a working application that extracts formatted data from a FIS-compliant FreeBalance database for Statistics Canada.


Feb 2001 – Mar 2001

National Archives – National Library

FIS Implementation Project

Assist the National Archives and National Library with a variety of tasks that were required to prepare for a FIS-compliant financial system and their associated vertical applications.

·         He analysed the current financial system and identified areas that required change

·         He reviewed current processes and recommended changes to efficiently meet FIS requirements.


Nov 2000 – Dec 2000

FreeBalance Cluster Group

OAG Data Extract Application Development

Develop the functional specifications and create a prototype, then a working application that extracts formatted data from a FIS-compliant FreeBalance database for the Office of the Auditor General.


Nov 2000 – Mar 2001

CIHR – Canadian Institutes for Health Research

FIS Implementation Project Support

Mr. Weingarden assisted the CIHR with a variety of tasks that were related to preparation for a FIS-compliant financial system and their associated vertical applications.

·         He analysed the current financial system and identified areas that required change

·         He reviewed current processes and recommended changes to efficiently meet FIS requirements.


Mar 2000 – Nov 2000

NRTEE – National Round Table on the Environment and Economy

FIS Implementation Project

In 1999, Mr. Weingarden helped the NRTEE to update their Financial Management System to FreeBalance FMS™ (see item number 1.27 below).  The project team knew that they would soon have to make their financial system compliant with the Government of Canada’s Financial Information Strategy (FIS) and executed the project with a forward-looking view to becoming FIS-compliant. This project was undertaken to move the Department to becoming FIS-compliant.


Building on the work from the previous project, Mr. Weingarden:

·         Created and managed the project plan

·         Provided status updates to the Client Authority

·         Reviewed current processes

·         Identified the business processes that would be needed to efficiently meet FIS requirements

·         Created a new business model that incorporated the current and new processes

·         Documented the new business model

·         Identified issues, reviewed and updated the new business model with Senior and Administrative stakeholders

·         Documented system configuration, technology and software upgrades

·         Analysed the current financial system and identified areas that required change

·         Revised NRTEE’s Chart of Accounts to meet the FIS specifications that had changed since the previous project

·         Provided training to affected NRTEE staff in the areas of new business processes and FIS-specific features of FreeBalance FMS™

·         Represented NRTEE on both the FIS Working Group and the FreeBalance Users Group


Nov 1999 – Apr 2000

Government of Nunavut

Financial Management Systems and Business Support

Mr. Weingarden helped the Government of Nunavut to:

·         define and document their information technology architecture;

·         resolve technical and functional issues arising from the technological limitations imposed by the harsh northern climate, widely dispersed user community and rudimentary network infrastructure;

·         resolve procedural issues with their financial management system (FreeBalance™) and database management system (MS-SQL Server);

·         refine and document their business and management practices;

·         identify needs and assist with the development of information sharing between systems; and

·         assist in implementing FreeBalance in new government departments.


Oct 1999 – Nov 1999

A multinational pharmaceutical company -Name withheld by request

Drug Therapy Compliancy and Efficacy Application

Mr. Weingarden helped the Canadian office of a multinational pharmaceutical company, and their program consultant to design and develop an MS Access application that supported scripted collection of a patient’s baseline and clinical information. The database provided a statistical basis to study patient compliance and therapeutic efficacy of an approved drug. The name of the company and the drug cannot be disclosed because of a confidentiality agreement.


Aug 1999 – Sep 1999

HW Management

FIS Migration Methodology

Mr. Weingarden developed a proprietary methodology to support the transition of federal government departments’ financial systems to FIS compliance.


Jan 1999 – Mar 1999

PWGSC - Public Works and Government Services Canada

FreeBalance Financial Management System Technical Support

Mr. Weingarden provided installation and technical architecture advice to the FreeBalance implementation team.


Feb 1999 – Apr 1999

HW Management

ABC Distribution Application


Develop the functional specifications and create a prototype, then a working application that distributes template-based costs and creates a formatted data file for import into a FreeBalance financial management system database.


Nov 1998 – July 1999

NRTEE – National Round Table on the Environment and Economy

- FreeBalance Financial Management System Implementation

- Activity-based Costing System Design and Implementation

Mr. Weingarden managed the project team and performed many consulting functions including:

·         Development and documentation of NRTEE’s current business model (workflow and processes, data, technology)

·         Current and future (Treasury Board FIS specification) financial requirements analysis

·         Development of the Chart of accounts

·         Analysis of current financial operations and definition of required changes

·         Analysis and specification of reporting requirements

·         Analysis and specification of interface requirements

·         Analysis and installation of interfaces

·         Analysis and specification of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) requirements

·         Analysis, specification and development of an ABC cost distribution engine



Sep 1998 – Dec 1998

Elections Canada

FreeBalance Financial Management System Implementation

Mr. Weingarden performed many tasks to support the implementation team including:

·         User training

·         Application installation

·         Oracle Database configuration

·         Application configuration

·         Interface requirements analysis and specification

·         Analysis of current financial operations and definition of required changes

·         User training

·         Assessment of the suitability of the FreeBalance™ Purchasing Module

·         etc.


Mar 1998 – Apr 1999

Solicitor-General of Canada

FreeBalance Financial Management System Implementation

Mr. Weingarden was tasked with fast-tracking the implementation of FreeBalance™ FMS.  This included analysis of the division's business processes, financial tracking and reporting requirements, ensuring that they remain compatible with the Departmental financial system that did not use FreeBalance.  He then setup and configured the application, the Microsoft SQL-Server DBMS and the workstations.  Finally, he trained the application support group to maintain the system and provided user training and ongoing support.


Nov 1996 – Feb 1999

Department of National Defence

Fleet Maintenance Facility – Management Information System (FMFMIS) Project

Mr. Weingarden worked with a project team that was tasked with developing, recommending and implementing automation solutions for the client’s mission-critical production and administration functions.

·         He helped to write the RFP

·         He helped to develop the selection criteria for a packaged software solution and evaluated the potential packages.

·         He was responsible for the installation and configuration of FreeBalance™, the selected financial management system software.

·         He provided guidance and assistance to the Comptrollers for the configuration and use of the financial management system.

·         He performed a cost-benefit analysis and wrote a business case to justify the project.

·         He helped the project team develop a risk management framework and analyze and document the degree of risk.

·         He helped coordinate activities with this project and the concurrent departmental PeopleSoft implementation project. These activities included: definition of interface requirements; application configuration; and other tasks to ensure that the two applications worked together.

·         He helped coordinate activities with this project and the concurrent ISO 9001 certification project

·         Mr. Weingarden worked with a project team that was tasked with preparing and rolling out the selected Maintenance Management application

·         He helped coordinate activities with this project and the concurrent departmental PeopleSoft implementation project. These activities included: definition of interface requirements; application configuration; and other tasks to ensure that the two applications worked together.

·         He helped coordinate activities with this project and the concurrent branch financial management implementation system, FreeBalance. These activities included: definition of interface requirements; application configuration; and other tasks to ensure that the two applications worked together.


Apr 1996 – Oct 1996

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Business Analyst; Real Property Branch, Client Relationship Management System project

Mr. Weingarden helped the project team develop a prototype to provide senior management with a better understanding of the application’s scope.  He also produced various business and information models to document the requirements for the development team.

·         The prototype was developed in PowerBuilder on a local Watcom database and later migrated to an Oracle 7.x database.

·         ADW was used for the majority of the data and business modelling.


Jan 1996 – Mar 1996

Department of National Defence

Requirements Definition and Business Case for the implementation of a Departmental Repository

Mr. Weingarden prepared a Requirements Definition and refined the Business Case for presentation to senior management to proceed with the acquisition, training and implementation of a Departmental Repository.


Nov 1995 – Dec 1995

Department of National Defence

Business Case for the implementation of a Departmental Systems Development Methodology

Mr. Weingarden prepared a Business Case for presentation to senior management to proceed with the acquisition, training and implementation of a Departmental Systems Development Methodology.


Mar 1995

Department of National Defence

Reconciliation of Corporate Material Management data model to

AMMIS material management application

Mr. Weingarden reconciled and performed a gap assessment of an existing application and the Corporate data model.


1990 - 1995    

Information Systems Management Corporation (ISM)

Ottawa, Ontario


Product Manager, Data Capture and Support Services (DCSS)

Mr. Weingarden initially joined ISM as an IT consultant.  During that time, he performed several tasks as a consultant to this business unit and was permanently attached to DCSS in 1992.  He left ISM in the summer of 1995 to pursue an independent consulting career.  As Product Manager his responsibilities included:

·         strategic business planning;

·         disaster recovery and business resumption planning;

·         technology planning;

·         internal projects, technical and business support;

·         business development ;

·         business cases and cash flow analyses

·         business administration support;

·         performance management;

·         productivity assessment;

·         product / production improvement;

·         product / production development;

·         consulting;

·         support other Federal Region and National ISM initiatives; and

·         many other functions.


Projects, technical and business support

·         Interact with the client (occasionally on a consultative basis) to develop and/or optimize the DCSS-Client interface at all levels

·         Supervise the management of the technology used at DCSS

·         Coordinate system development and maintenance of DCSS systems

·         Coordinate training programs for new technologies and production methods


Business development

·         In conjunction with sales, develop new markets (and products)

·         Add or improve current product offerings where needed

·         Optimize the work flow between clients and DCSS


Administration support

·         Rapid business growth placed new emphasis on a need for improved business control

·         Improved financial audit of the Organization to provide more accurate budgets, forecasts, etc.

·         Risk assessment, risk management (eg. backup staff, equipment, procedures) and development of the Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plan.




During his tenure at DCSS, Mr. Weingarden was instrumental in developing new business.  Most notable were:

·         An Inquiries and Administrative Support service for the Department of Human Resources and Labour (Secretary of State). The multi-year project was valued at $6 million and is expected to provide the Government of Canada over $100 million in recoveries of defaulted student loans over the term of the contract. Mr. Weingarden developed the solution and approach for the project and managed its implementation.  The project went from conception to operation in less than four weeks.


·         A Third-Party Verification Service for long distance telecommunication suppliers such as Bell Canada, Sprint Canada, Fonorola, ACC, and others


·         New business areas and services were developed by providing innovative solutions to customer requests.


·         Investigation of other aspects of the business has lead to changes in business practices that have significantly reduced operating costs.


2.1        ISM Corporation, Internal Projects


Mr. Weingarden was involved with several internal company projects, including:

·         Technical Watch Group

A committee that compiled and maintained information by monitoring new and developing technology.


·         Strategic Information Planning Methodology

Mr. Weingarden co- developed ISM’s Strategic Information Planning Methodology.  He also consulted with other internal teams who are involved with other aspects of the ongoing Corporate effort to develop a systems development life-cycle methodology.


·         Implementation of Business Intelligence for Corporate Reporting and Planning
Using Cognos PowerPlay and Impromptu, Mr. Weingarden evaluated and implemented a Business Intelligence solution for the Ottawa office.


2.2        Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada


Mr. Weingarden worked with a two person team to integrate a number of data models into a conceptual model, and then produce a detailed, normalized model for future application development.  The Developer CASE tool was used for this project.


2.3        Department of Finance, Canada


Mr. Weingarden worked with a team to prepare a Strategic Plan for Office Support Applications for the Department.  The goal of this project was to develop a strategic technology and business direction for the Department to follow in the area of Office Automation.  The Department had specific needs to integrate their Mainframe and LAN environments to ensure a smooth flow of work and data across these platforms, in a consistent and stable environment.


2.4        Department of National Defence


Mr. Weingarden was a member of a project team that designed and prototyped a component of a larger system.  During the design process, his role was to develop a data model and assist in the development of process models.  During the prototyping phase, he assumed the role of Database Administrator, building and maintaining the database.


The team used the CASE tool, Excelerator in the design phase.  INGRES was used on both a PC platform and a VAX platform to develop the prototype.


2.5        Department of National Defence


Mr. Weingarden worked with a team to prepare data and process models for a systems design project.  His role was to continue the development of data and process models of a component of the project.  Using DMR's P+ methodology, as required by DND, he expanded the level of detail in the models to produce a normalized data model and detailed process model as well as the associated documentation.


Mr. Weingarden used the CASE tools, Excelerator, to produce the data model, and Consoi/SIlverrun to produce the process model.


This work was performed in a TEMPEST secure environment.



3.0         1988 - 1990    


Ottawa, Ontario


Information Systems Consultant

In his role as an Information Systems Consultant, Mr. Weingarden worked on many projects for the firm.  They included:


3.1        Public Works Canada


Mr. Weingarden worked on the Strategic Information Technology Plan for the Realty Branch.  His role on the project was to inventory current technology, produce data and business models, recommend the target technological environment, and prepare a migration strategy with the other project team members.  He was the project advisor for the IEW CASE tool.


3.2        Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)


Mr. Weingarden completed a project that required confirmation of entities (and their descriptions) within a Strategic Plan.  This required consolidation of several data models using IEW, and a review of the department's key programs and the edit rules that applied to the applications.


3.3        Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada


Mr. Weingarden completed a project where he served as the team leader for the development of a Budget Information Management System.  He performed the database design and then managed the development of the system which was written using Powerhouse.


He was a member of a project team that reviewed the Post Secondary Education Information System used by the Education Branch of INA.  The project involved development of a normalized Entity/Relationship model with a full description of attributes and their characteristics.


3.4        National Energy Board


The National Energy Board had a manual work planning process.  The manual system had become very time consuming to use.  A feasibility study was performed to determine the best approach to take to automate the system and initiate its development.  The study included an analysis of the Board's requirements, a recommendation of a methodology to automate the system, and an implementation plan.


3.5        Transport Canada


Transport Canada has a continuing effort to use current technology to enhance the utility of their many information systems.  They have recently identified a requirement to develop a Data Dictionary/Encyclopedia (also known as a Repository).  The team has completed the first phase of the project which involved mapping the current technology to the existing situation, educating key Transport Canada personnel about the benefits and techniques used in a Repository, and developing a strategic direction which will meet the department's future goals.


Mr. Weingarden was responsible for developing the data models of the existing data dictionary in their IEW case environment, as well as testing the CASE tool component of the Department's MSP DataManager data dictionary software.  He produced a data model of IEW so that it could be mapped into the current system.  The IEW case tool was used for some of the modelling exercises.


3.6        Department of National Defence


The Department of National Defence needed to develop and implement a methodology to process a list of data attributes that were provided by the client and load them into their MSP DataManager data dictionary.  Following the upload into the data dictionary, resolve the data elements.  The resolution process involved identifying common data elements, eliminating duplicates and ensuring that the format of the data was consistent with departmental standards.  The purpose to this exercise was to allow data sharing between different systems and hardware platforms.  Mr. Weingarden served as team leader on this project.


3.7        Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)


Technical Architect: Local Area Network Implementation Project

·         Preparation of a project initiation document that outlined objectives, benefits, impact on staff, dates and time frames, options, resources required, equipment procurement requirements and actual costs;

·         Preparation of a detailed work plan that outlined all activities required for procuring, installing and maintaining a LAN;

·         Completion of a floor plan that indicated cabling, workstation and file server locations;

·         Recommendation of hardware such as the network file server, laser printers and other printing equipment;

·         Recommendation of a network operating system;

·         Recommendation of a network communications system.


3.8        Canadian Signal and Communications Union


Designed and implemented a PC-based database system to maintain membership status and mailing lists.